Karayiannas Developers office: Morning 07-03-2006

On Tuesday I was fifteen minutes early for my meeting in Paralimni and you will hear Michelle Anglou say Marios Karayiannas is in Larnaka and she has no idea when we will be back. I already know from meeting an expat on site that Marios will be in Frenaros at 11am. I shame Michelle about her lies but let her know that we’ll live there and we will be happy. I told Michelle that I had business to do in Nicosia on Wednesday so I must see Marios today. I recorded this meeting via the microphone attached to the ipod.

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Morning Michelle.
Hello there, (I said to another customer as he was leaving)
Is Marios around?
He’s not I’m afraid, He’s gone out early this morning with his father, I think they have gone to Larnaca.
Larnaca, do you know what time he’ll be back?
I can’t say Conor because yesterday was a bank holiday, so it’s like a Monday for them today so it’s like days when they have. They are going to Larnaca this morning and he’s got other appointments when he comes back.
Do you know what time his next appointment is around this area?
I can’t say I don’t know.
Well if you can’t say then you playing avoidance, you’re avoiding. I’m here to do business with Marios

Listen he’s spoken with his solicitor about the situation when the emails, the emails you sent with what you had to offer he didn’t agree with. He’s spoke to his solicitor. To say look he’s obviously not happy with what’s going on he doesn’t under stand the situation, I don’t know what to do. he sent you his solicitor been in contact with you, now if he’s to go over exactly the same thing as what he’s already gone over with you, then for him..
I’m boring him.
No it’s not that you’re boring him it’s just he doesn’t feel you understand he cant..
So I.. Alright. He understands the situation is that you said? When you said understands earlier. He understands?
At the end of the day you either have to speak with him or speak with his solicitor
And he said that’s its better that you either speak with your solicitor or speak with his.
Because you obviously you can’t understand each other. It’s not for me to sit now and start discussing it with you because it’s gone to a higher level rather then…

The thing is Michelle as you know. Preparations to move are so far advance we haven’t got time to go down the solicitor’s line. His solicitor took 2 and half weeks to write five lines. I haven’t got that luxury, neither have we the money to pay for solicitors to talk on our behalf. OK. So as it stands Michelle we have to buy that plot as it is there Marios has got us he’s won. OK. So what happens is, I’ve had my money sitting with Marion for a month now to pay you guys, I want to speak to Marios, just want clear up some final points and give him you the OK to release the money and we go on.
But I’m not going to hand over another 30,000 on top of the 100,000 we’ve already paid whatever we’ve already paid, to someone who is not going to speak to me. So it’s very important that he speaks to me. I asked him last time I was here that’s its up to him to rebuild the trust that has been broke between us.

Phone rings..
Another customer walks in.
We continue in 1 minute.

Ok then so when he gets back in hopefully I think it will be after lunchtime if he gets back in he can see you this afternoon then he will, If not it might be tomorrow OK. Because as I said..
Yea, yea it’s not good enough. I said I would be here.
OK I’ll speak to him Conor and I’ll see what I can do.
I’ll wait here, I’ll let you deal with this other chap and I’ll speak to you.

Michelle deals with the other customers. I wait both in the office and outside in the street until she is free again.
Audio clipped. 15 minutes later we continue.

So can your inform Marios that I’m here? And that I’m..
He knows that you’re here but I can’t..
I’m off to Nicosia tomorrow, these trips cost me £1000, £1200 in loss of wages and coming over and this is the second trip in a month. I’m trying to do the nice thing Michelle you guys have laid some things on us you told us some lies at the time and were really not happy but were having the house as not happy people.
But I need you to tell him that I’m here and give me an appointment to see him today. Because I’ve got other business to do in Cyprus as well.

I tried calling him this morning and he’s not answering the phone because he’s in the registry office in a meeting Conor. So If I call him now he’s not going to answer me When he’s finished I’ll call him or He’ll call me back and I can call you on your mobile I can’t do anymore than that Conor.

But you can’t tell me what time his next appointment here in the office is. You can’t tell me that.
I can’t tell you that now.
You have a diary of his events that you can say at 11.00 he’s over there.

He keeps his own diary as well as the one here. Many times we have had to re juggle them around. He can’t say how long he is going to be in Larnaca today. He can’t say how long he’ll be So sometimes when he comes back Conor he has to Cancel meetings himself Ones not with clients not other ones he has

I’ll keep floating around all morning I’ll wait for you to phone me once you have spoken to him and I need an appointment to see him urgently today. So I can then rest assured that things with my build are progressing. I told him on the phone that.

He can’t just drop everything.
Ah Michelle I told him on the phone that I was coming over today I gave him Two weeks notice for this day, I told you on Friday.

He’s got other appointments as well that are just as important.
Well why not commit to people who have already bought rather than going to the land registry office to register more plots, us people who have bought..
He not going to register plots he’s going for other things Conor, you’re just presuming now. You’re trying to make the situation a mountain out of a mole hill.
Oh you’ve made a two storey house out of a bungalow. If you want to make it that way.

Ok I’ll speak to you when he comes back in. and I’ll call you and let you know when you can see him OK.
Can you call me before 12.00
I’ll try and if I can call before 12 I will. OK

Well I have no choice.
I don’t know how you can do it to people Michelle, I really don’t. You’re not selling toasters, you know.
But we’ll move there, we’ll live there, we’ll be happy.
I’ll call…
Yea because it’s causing us a lot of distress and until we know, here collect the money again progress with the plot I’m not going to be happy.
I’ve got business to do tomorrow in Nicosia I’ve only got two days then before I leave Friday
So if he can give us a matter of urgency I said I’d be here at 9am I was 15 minutes early

I told you that..
You told me to deal through solicitors do you think we can afford that?
Is that your plan? Is that what you do?
…Ok I’ll speak to you when he comes back in this afternoon
I have no choice.
No you’ll speak to me before 12 when you get him on the phone

I will try if he calls me back. Conor. As soon as he’s finished his meeting he can speak to me. Then I’ll be able to ask him if you can have an appointment with him this afternoon.
Just five minutes
I doubt if its going to be 5 minutes anyway.
I swear I’m going to keep it brief I’m going to say here is the money for the house this is what is going to happen OK

On the phone To Michelle Anglou: 03-03-2006

Christoforos Karayiannas & Son Ltd sent an email through their lawyers (The Pittadjis law firm of Paralimni) saying they will do nothing. I phoned Michelle Anglou to meet with Marios again the following Tuesday. (If you intend to do business with this company can you afford to fly back as often as I did?)

3rd March 2006 on the phone to Michelle Anglou

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Hi Michelle

Hi Erm, Ok Listen I’ve spoken with Marios because of the situation the way it is if you’re coming over to Cyprus the best thing for you to do is first of all contact your solicitor and discuss with them the situation and how you feel about the house and then if it is your solicitor will contact Marios’ solicitor and we’ll go from there

So Marios is refusing to see me then?

It’s not that he’s refusing to see you it’s just that it’s come to a point Conor where he’s had to contact his solicitor because of the points that you made in your email that you sent, its better at this stage that you speak with your solicitor about the issues that you have about the house. Your solicitor is there to work for you Conor so there going to advise you on what to do depending on how you’re feeling with the house.

Well thanks for your advice Michelle but I have no intention of involving a solicitor this end unlike yourselves who are a big company I can little afford to go down that line of reasoning.I’ll be outside your office Tuesday 9 O’clock and I suggest Marios makes some time to see me, so I’ll see you then.

She hung up.

On the phone to Marios Karayiannas: 22-02-2006

After doing as instructed, in super quick time (I arrived home late Friday night they had our response Monday morning). We waited. I emailed Karayiannas Property Developers for a response but got no reply. I phoned twice the next day and late on Wednesday 22nd, I got through to Marios Karayiannas. This recording was done using my iPod with a microphone attachment. I had only a standard phone so I had to keep putting the microphone up to the earpiece to record him. Because of this, I’ve had to amplify his side of the conversation so the volume levels remain the same. In this conversation, you will hear him start playing games as I’m hundreds of miles away. At first, he says he doesn’t understand the letter and then he says he doesn’t have to go with any suggestions ending up with telling me it’s my problem and eventually hanging up. It then dawns on us what kind of people they are.

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Yea hi Marios its Conor
Conor? Conor O’Dwyer?
Yes Conor O’Dwyer in the UK.
Hello there. Marios what’s happening. Have you made your decision?
The Decision, what er decision?
The decision, you asked me to go away, discuss with my wife, you know what can be done, I went..
You discuss with your wife what you. I see your letter but the letter, the letter Conor.
I can’t understand this letter you write to me about the interest about the, to build another place what is this thing I don’t understand?
You don’t understand the letter at all?
No I don’t understand these things, it’s very, How I can explain to you, I tell you to go back to your and discuss with your wife and to tell me what you want to do.
These thing that you write to me about the give me your money back and to give you interest what ever, listen I give already the letter to my solicitor and we go I go tomorrow there. What do you want to do? What is your decision?

My decision is I set out in the letter quite clearly, If your having trouble reading it maybe you should get Michelle to read it for you and maybe interpret it, but I set out in the letter quite clearly four different options that we considered and only one option which is viable and that’s for you to build us a new house on another plot with our privacy intact. So that was my discussion with my wife and that’s the only way we can be happy so are you going to honour you commitment of making us happy or not?

About this thing that you say to me I understand what you mean but I explain to you the time that you be here that the house inside for your plot is exactly what we acted. You asked a lot of things in how to. I mean you asked a lot of thing in your letter.

That’s right I spent some time over the letter and I was hoping you would give me some response as well. It’s been over a week now and I’ve heard nothing.

When I have the time tomorrow I go to the solicitors to send you exactly what we decide and you can make it if you want. I will send a letter to your solicitor also. I will explain to Mrs Marion what is your opportunity to do.

So what..so what..

So you have in your mind from the beginning that we try to explain to you everything for the house and you we don’t take from the net??? To close the house. If you don’t like the house, you understand that. It’s your life, it’s your decision.

I will give you the money back and you can go to buy from other developers, straight away.

I can’t accept this reason you said to me with your wife that you are not accept to look into your land other people. Everywhere that you have to go you have to think about people that is around you.

We thought very carefully about the people that surrounding us the thing is that you and Michelle lied to us by telling us that there would be bungalows next to us and a road. Now there is not bungalows next to us and a road.

No anybody to tell me what I can do with my plot or in my house you understand these things. It’s like my house lets say that it’s my house the next plot you have to tell me what I have to build.

So why did you tell us that there would be a road and two bungalows and now do you think it’s…

?????…I will speak to my solicitor tomorrow and send you a letter

When can I expect that letter Marios because we are very busy here I have now sold my house were now going into rented accommodation and we do not know what is going on there in Cyprus, so we have to make some very important decisions..

Your wife?

Can you let me finish please?

We have to make some very important decisions this end on exactly the timings of moving over there. So its very important for us to have this finished as soon as possible and waiting for a solicitor that I’ve never met to write to me is not the way I expected to do business with you and maybe people should be warned that this is…..

first of all you have to understand that the people you are dealing with them ok and to respect somebody that try for them that I cant accept the reason that you say to me that I am not I don’t want the other people to look into my garden or that I don’t want anybody around me.

So you don’t understand….

I have with people not surrounding but it was £300,000

No it was £155,000. It was £155,000

You understood exactly when you sold us the house what the good reason for having no people looking into us was and now you don’t understand that it’s very upsetting for us.

The decision is yours

No the decision is yours Marios we’ve put down four decisions and it’s for you to choose one of them options.

I don’t have to choose, I choose my way that I take you to the maximum thing with the court.

So you’re doing nothing to remedy the situation


No you don’t have to do anything there Marios, you’ve made it quite clear but you just let me know here now, don’t play games, don’t play games Marios, tell me right here, tell me right here, right now that your not going to do anything and that your going to sell us the house as it it in the plot it is now. Is that exactly what your going to do?


Is that what you’re going to do Marios with the solicitor are you just going to prepare to build the plot number 30 as it stands

No no no this is not er

We’re going to go to the court if the court says to me why you build your plot this kind of house I will give you your money back and the interest also. If there is anybody to tell you what you can do in your own house I and the people I take my responsibility and to give you your money back and your interest. But there is no anybody who can tell me what I can do in my house. You are in your house stay in your house, stay in your plot stay in your build.


You can, You don’t, You don’t proceed with your dealing. You don’t… just a minute. You cannot you sign one deal with me, I go with the dealing, I go with the contract as we agree.

I tell you what Marios it’s very hard to deal with you when I’m hundreds of miles away so what I’ll do is next Tuesday week, Tuesday week I’ll come back to your office.

Just a minute (I hear Michelle prompting him but not picked up in audio here)

You recognise the agreement that you make with me?

I know exactly what’s on paper and what you said and I want you to acknowledge again that when we bought that plot you lied to us. You lied you told us that we would not…we would have a garden that is not overlooked

??? I build two storey house what is the problem?

The problem is now that is not what we paid for.


Yes exactly.

??? most basically this, this is the things you don’t recognise, you site on the contract and you don’t recognize the dealing that you made with me.

Do you think people should be warned on the way you do business Marios, do you think that people should be told that what you say and what you do is different.

We speak tomorrow; I will call you tomorrow, and will send a letter to you with the solicitor.

Ok well…

Also if you don’t recognise the contract you make with your own solicitor this your problem..I mean I speak with Mrs Marion..

It’s my problem yeah?

It’s my problem?

Yeah, who’s upset?

Yeah is that right yeah.

OK listen, I’ll come over to Cyprus not next week the following week, I’ll let..oop, he’s hung up

He’s hung up.

Letter to Marios Karayiannas: 13-02-2006

Copy to Marion J Carter – Solicitor
13th February 2006

Dear Marios Karayiannas,

As you are aware, I was in Cyprus last week to checkup on the progress of our house and to be reassured that the mistakes made in the positioning of the downstairs toilet would not cause a future problem to us. There was also the matter of windows cut where they should not have been, and also that the kitchen sink and cooker were both being placed in the wrong areas. Whilst there I discovered the changes you had made to the site plan and after two brief meetings with yourself you asked that I discuss with my wife what could be done to rectify the problems your changes have posed.

Having returned from Cyprus we have discussed your changes and have concluded that we would not have bought this property in the position it is in now.

As you know, an important consideration for us when buying a house was that it must have a private garden. You sold us 30 Ayios Sergios because it was a corner plot. It had a bungalow one side with only one window looking into our garden. The other side would have a road running the full length of the plot. Across the road there was to be two more bungalows. plan1.jpg is the original plan given to us. We were told such a plot was a rare find. It was perfect for us and a sound investment for the future so we snapped it up on our first trip.

We have now made advanced preparations to move to Cyprus. Our UK home is under offer and completion will be soon. We have kept up with stage payments by bank loans and schools and work have been informed of our move.

Now without informing us, the plans you gave us have changed. We now have 3 new houses all of which have 1st floor windows looking into our garden and the nearest two houses have balconies looking straight down upon us. Plot 31 also has a garden adjoining ours. All of this is totally unacceptable. Not only does it breach our important consideration of privacy but it also devalues our home for when we come to resell. With four properties now looking into our garden we are worse off than most plots on the Ayios Sergios development.

We can only hope that this was not a deliberate deception on your part, and that it was in fact an oversight in planning that excluded what was important to us, our privacy. In any event I think you owe us an apology. You totally misrepresented your plans and photos sent to us in November show the foundations for your changes occurred at the same time you started our build.

overlay.jpg shows the plan you gave us with your new plan overlaid. Our plot is marked in blue with the yellow marking the road that should have separated us from the bungalows marked in green.

Last week you gave some brief options on how to resolve my objections. These included buying us out of our contract or giving away land at the side of our house that may in 3 years become available. You were not specific in what can be done but instead insisted I go back and discuss with my wife how we can move forward from the distress you have caused. I have done this and as you see from the attachments a lot of thought and work has gone into the problem. We can see only one clear solution but have listed three others that we had considered carefully.

The only solution we can see is that you build us the same house on a different location with the garden privacy you promised intact. As this will leave us in rented accommodation for months until you catch up with the new build, we would expect a location and land area sufficient enough to compensate. The advantage to you in this scenario is that when you resale 30 Ayios Sergios in this rising market, you will be able to add the extra 6 meters of road area which may come available in 3 years into the new specifications. This solution will also allow you to leave the mistakes you have made to the pipe-work positioning unchanged and sell the house with toilet under stairs and en-suit shower in 4th bedroom.

Another option we considered was similar to your offer of compensating us with extra land on the side of our plot. We considered that if you included the area marked orange on option2.jpg we could plant a tree to gain back some of our privacy. Unfortunately this would not entirely rectify the situation and a large tree placed here would only upset our neighbour and deny them light. We considered your offer of the yellow area coming available in 3 years when the temporary road has gone. But your explanation of your rights to give away this land was insufficient enough to warrant any satisfaction and in any case does nothing to rectify our privacy.

Another option for you is to knock down two of the three offending properties. The two (plots 31, 32) nearest our house will have balconies overlooking our garden and have not as yet had their frame stage completed. (See attachment p31p32p33.jpg) I’m informed the third (plot 33) has been bought and as we can see its build has advanced to the brick work stage we realize it would be unreasonable for you to start again here. In place of plots 31, 32 you should keep to your original plan of bungalows. The garden of 31 should not extend into what was originally a road but instead should be a neutral green area or be given to us so we can insure our original plot area has not been encroached. With plot 33 still having views of our garden your offer of 6m land to the side of our house would be sufficient enough to compensate, because we would have enough land for trees.

The last option we considered was your offer of buying us out at this stage. Unfortunately we cannot begin to put a price on what that offer should be. As you’re aware any deal to buy us out now, would leave us looking to secure a house this year at last year’s prices. Also there are the costs involved to date and it would leave my family in rented accommodation for a considerable period of time.

You have said to me on all 3 of my visits that it is Karayiannas’s policy to keep your customers happy. Now is the time for you to prove this statement. As I said to you last week your changes have caused us great distress and we cannot see ourselves living with the changes you have made. I leave it now to you to come back to us within the week to see what can be done. Please don’t leave your decision too long as preparations to move are in full swing.

Yours Sincerely

Conor O’Dwyer.


plan1.jpg The site plan you gave us when you sold us the house
plan2.jpg The site plan you changed to at the same time you started our build
overlay.jpg Both site plans overlaid. The white lines show the original layout. The blue area is our plot, The Yellow strip was to be the road going to the children’s playground. The green area was to be the nearest bungalows across the road.
p31p32p33.jpg A photo of the 3 new houses overlooking our garden.
plot31view.jpg The view from plot 31’s balcony of our garden as it stands to date
plot32view.jpg The view from plot 32’s balcony of our garden as it stands to date
plot31viewfence.jpg The view from plot 31’s balcony of our garden with a fence superimposed. The Vertical red indicator is a 2m marker.
plot32viewfence.jpg The view from plot 32’s balcony of our garden with a fence superimposed. The Vertical red indicator is a 2m marker.

Recorded at the Karayiannas office: 10-02-2006

Unfortunately, the next meeting in the Karayiannas office was not recorded, the battery failed on the camcorder. Because of the battery failure I had to go back and meet Marios Karayiannas and Michelle to cover the same detail as we had the day before, before my flight that afternoon. In this meeting, they think I’m crazy/stupid for asking the same questions however I leave the meeting reassured that compromises are possible if we’re still not happy we can have our money back and I’m sent away to discuss it with my wife in England.

At the Karayiannas Office Friday, February 10, 2006 around 9am. Present were Myself, Marios Karayiannas and Michelle Anglou.

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You have 10 minutes?
Yes come in. Yes
The pipe work for the kitchen..
I told Michelle it’s in the wrong place it’s where the cooker should be.
We put the drainage pipe in everything when we are ready for the tiles. When we are ready for the tiles we have your order where you want the sink and everything and we bring all the pipes there.
So does that mean breaking down the floor again?
No there is no need to go down to the floor. Out to the side of the bricks. We go out because it is not a big pipe we have to make a 13cm conduit/concrete above from this floor we have 13cm conduit/concrete to put the tiles on. So in this conduit/concrete I will put the other pipe in the position you want.
OK. Because I remember Michelle said it was very important to let her know where the pipes go at the foundation stage, So it’s not so important now it can be a…
We put outside.
Its just less work its less work later on that its not that it cant be done
It just less work later on that’s all.
OK any question?
Yea, yea many.

The toilet, the downstairs toilet. I’m going on site now my flights at, I have to be at the airport at 3 I don’t have long but I’ll have to come back in two weeks I think to see how things are progressing. So the downstairs toilet how is the waste for that…
The waste pipe is going outside again from there to the wall going outside and going down.
I don’t know…are you on site today are you?
Listen it’s my responsibility to where this pipe. If you want toilet over there I put toilet. You understand?
Yea, I understand yea.

Ok, so the plan you had about the road, so I have to talk to my wife about it obviously as we said. Because many things have changed for me you know so on this trip so you have to…
What many things?
Well obviously the road plan changed. That changed since last time I was here.
It is my corner of the road outside from your house.
Yea but it changed from what you said last time.
It changed you mean about the bungalow houses of the bungalows, because I build two storey houses there?
Not only that. The road was to go up. As here. That was the plan that you gave us. The road where I was here was going up. So this has changed.
Yes this has changed.
So you have to go slow with me because as things change I have to then tell my wife what the changes are. So if I…
What you can explain to her about these changes that these thing there, these change because of the permission and the changes of the plans of the outside houses there. Because there this road here. You can explain to her. You have to understand you first to explain to her.
That’s right, that’s right I do. I have to understand it.
Not to go and explain other things.
No no…
You understand.
I don’t understand why it changed.
Why you don’t understand? Why you don’t understand Conor?
Because you gave me this and now it’s this.
It’s not in your house these things. It’s outside of the plot but I have to build some houses that I buy this plot to develop this plot that will to build my houses, in your plot I don’t make any changes. These are the things…in the mind.

So things that you said. Things that you said last time, things that you said last time have changed.
Ok I said these things, I said these things.
So only things that are in writing are good. So when you say that the downstairs toilet can be moved, this is not a problem. Then because it’s not in writing you know I have to know it’s not a problem.
Because you said that this would be a bungalow here and the road would go up there but it’s not in writing and I took that as not in writing and now it’s changed so I have to go a little bit slower. You see, so forgive me if I have to go slow. OK.

So you were proposing yesterday then, that because we are not happy now, that you said that this 6sq meters in 3 years time maybe you could give to us, did I understand that correctly?
But that isn’t your problem though is it. That is neither here nor there to you. Your problem is the house there. It’s the road… So that really is no issue for you.
The issue is now being overlooked, when we bought the property…
What Marios is trying to explain is that he been given permission to change…
If I said to you because sometimes these are my. these are my problems sometimes when I or for example when I say some thing and change. I say to you I build bungalow. OK.
When because they change the plan, the permission of the government to me I build a 2 storey houses. OK. I mean I build a 2 storey houses. I don’t have a place here to build a bungalow if I build bungalow here I loose 1 house. You understand me now. A 2 storey house. If I say to you. You understand that?

You understand for me that only having one window here looking into my garden was not a problem now having two balconies coming down looking into my garden, that to me and my family was problem OK you understand the difference?
Yes I understand the difference.
Good OK.
OK. Discuss with your family what is your feeling and what is Sit down to think about it and we wait the answer from you. And this is your problem the 2 balconies looking into your plot, discuss with your family and come back to me say to me Mario’s this, this, this, this, advisor or say to us what we can do.

OK, so I will come back to you within 1 week by email and then I will return here within 2 weeks do you think any of the pipework will be done between now and 2 weeks.
The pipework, No.
What about the windows being blocked up.
The windows being block, Yes.

Let me just have a think now what else was different.
Do you have that list that we did the other day (to Michelle)
Of all the things that were going to be done.
You mean the form?
When we first sat here the other day
And we wrote a list of all the different things.

So you’re going up here are you are you building here now.
This road goes somewhere yep?
Yes it’s going out here
Yes and have you bought this land to build on now?
Listen It’s my…
I know it’s yours
Its my job if I buy this land for example.
Of course it’s your job. As a developer you want to make money you want to build it.
But it’s just nice to know.

Here is the area of the agricultural land. OK. Everywhere here.
I know it is at the moment.
We don’t know what is happening after three four years.
If somebody come and build here understand or the zone change. They allow in this plot. Conor to build 1 house in each plot for the moment.
After the changes of the zone. maybe somebody come to build houses the same like here.
For example I have the land here at the front now. In my plan to buy it to build houses to plan
You understand?
I go over in this area, I build all this I plan this houses. Now all the developers because (un-audable) everybody try because they hear from other people that they sell many houses many property, everybody come here to this area. The developer…
They might not build now. The zone might now be able to build now But they buy for the future.
For the future.
Do you understand?
Because you buy also this house for £163,000 now this house in this area is £180,000
This is why we rush to buy it. We knew this. This is why we rush to buy it.
Bravo, its good moving but I don’t understand your wife that is worried about the changes outside of your plot.

Well the difference is Marios
If I don’t make
Things that you say…
If I was not me,Conor. I don’t understand these things, because every time this is happening to me, from my experience you are not the first one, you are the 100 one. Do you understand?
Yea you’ve heard it….
You have your thinking about this. It’s good to don’t have other people to look into your property but I have this type but it is £300,000 each.

The trust between us Mario’s has been bruised. It has been bruised OK. What you said last time has now changed. OK.
We will go back and within one week I will see what my wife and me we can come up with and maybe we can come up with a solution, But I think the onus is on you and Karayiannas to rebuild that trust.

Listen my opportunity is to keep my clients happy always. You understand?
Well I’m not happy.
This is a family business, I’m not a big business and I want to loose clients or to send you back for example or to give you your money back like that. I don’t use this way. I don’t want to use this way.

But these are the people who don’t understand Conor. And I speak with them a lot of times.
And sometimes I have not very respectable people to me and because of one thing that I did change in the area or outside of the plot or because their neighbour they have dog for example they came in my office and say “Why these people they have dog in their own house”.

Sometimes. You understand that. You don’t have to do anything in your neighbours house.
Or one people for example want to run the plot without clothes????
This is their own problem. You understand?
I understand that Marios. The difference is that you said things yesterday that if it isn’t down on paper…
Some people because you say to me another one Some people they try to reduce the price of the house remember they came to me (speaking to Michelle Anglou) Remember that time?
Because I build not a house a bungalow…err..apartment. The next plot I build apartment for example another area. they buy the house for 180,000 from me and I buy the next plot 300,000 one piece of land to build apartment I pay 300,000.

Because I want to build apartment they came to my office back
And say to me no we want to reduce the price of the house because you build apartment.You came to Cyprus to warrant and have problem with people because you don’t like to be in your house over there it’s not good.

I understand and as a businessman I would be in exactly the same position as you.
You think like me.
The difference for me is Marios when you said something last time OK. We took that and then yesterday you say if it’s not in the contract then there is nothing you can do about it. So I just want to make sure…

You chose the house because I say to you I build bungalow next door?
Yes. Yes because we have a private garden Yes. Otherwise we take our time and we look elsewhere. But because there was no one overlooking us. We said straight away.

Conor, Conor, listen we got to stop because I have to go land registry office.
I understand.
You can discuss with you wife and your family explain to her what we discuss here.

Show her the pictures. I took pictures the other day from here and looking into our garden and the differences in that. My wife is not a difficult person don’t get that, that, because that, that, was not nice. But we are very hard working people and we wanted to buy a place where we could relax in the garden do what we want and not have balconies overlooking us.

If it’s a bungalow that’s next to you Conor when they get their title deeds they can..
They can build a second floor.
Build Above we have no control over that Conor as with this man here in few years time…
I have to go Land registry office.

Thank you for you time.
Discuss with your wife.
I will email you within one week and be back within two weeks.

I don’t have a problem giving you your money back, If you want to buy another place.
I’m not here to waste time in investments..
If you want to buy another place from another developer I don’t have a problem or another country. I will give you your money back.. You see how they work in other place. You see for me I say to you I build a bungalow but sometimes things change to me.

You should let your buyer know that then, you should let your buyers know when you come in that this plan that I have at home will change. You should let people know that, That is the…
I don’t know this Conor before when you close the agreement these thing coming later on.

This is dated 2004 also isn’t it
October 2004 you know I was here last year

Ok If I say to you Conor I build another 2 storey houses from the beginning before you..
Yep I take my time then and I look elsewhere that what I would do.
No before you book after the booking of the house. These things happen before after you close the agreement. It also happen before you close the house. If I know these things from the beginning I say to you this is the plan. OK.
See you in two weeks Thanks for your time
Have a nice trip

Recorded meeting with Marios Karayiannas: 09-02-2006

And you remember saying that the only windows looking at us would be this window here?
Marios “Yes”

On Tuesday the 7th February, I had a meeting with Michelle at the Karayiannas office in Paralimni. She presented me with the new site plan. I had it faxed to my wife at home and via a webcam, she was able to send me the original plan that was in England.

Marios Karayiannas was too busy to see me until the Thursday morning when we met on site. He had heard from Michelle that I was unhappy with the changes and you can hear in this meeting that he is now offering extra land (where the road should have been) and even the return of money if we’re not happy. Hit with this new proposal of land I asked for it to be faxed to Michaela for us to discuss.

This audio was captured by my camcorder which was the only recording device I had as all this was unexpected.


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On site in Freneros, Thursday February 9th, 2006 around 9am.Present were MyselfMarios Karayiannas and later his father Christoforos Karayiannas.


Morning Marios

About the plot its here OK the corner.
And around 1.50 – 2 metre here OK
But the road that we have here Conor the road that we have is not permanent road. It’s for the project, for example here with the truck now, we have a road a private road connect the other road over there OK. the road the main road OK but because the land over there where is the water is not belong small piece of land is not belong to me. The other owner OK and because they don’t want to make the road now these people they don’t want to pay. OK. the road is going like this later when they come to build for example the municipality said to give the permission you must make the road, so this piece of land here is going to be a green area OK. but for the moment the road that is to connect the two sites the two roads because another road there straight up.
You understand?
You see the road is coming like that come like this turning here this piece of land is over there you see that the road must connect with the other one you see, here’s my land, from here to there is not my land. Here these two pieces as I say to you, are green area, because its small plot and they cant build here, in these two plots

They can’t build? Or you can’t build?

No it’s not my land but they can’t build the other people here.
And the authority they suggest for a green area these two pieces.

So the main road that is going down here including through here is owned by another man?

Yes.Another one advantage you have is if later on, in two years for example or three years they come to build this road this piece of land here you see is belonged for example to the house, 6 metre from the boundary Conor to the edging of my plot is 6 metre, from here to here. OK.

And that’s going to be owned by me?

Yes. You are lucky man because this thing is going to belong to this house later on. I mean because the private road is mine for example the private road is mine. Its mine, I own this private road. When they have to build the road the site the ammicipality and the other people this road is not a road I will give you this land for the house and also to number to this house here number 31. It belongs the side also the other six metre. OK.

So the main road is here?
This house is going to own this part?

Yes this part to the side and you own the other 6 meter here. It’s not my responsibility to give you the land but I give to you the land. OK. From now. I mean it’s not necessary to have this land I can’t build, you understand? But I make this road to connect these roads and the other project together. With the permission like this. OK.

When did this all change?
When did it all change?

We don’t know when these people come to build in their plot or when the municipality decide to connect the two roads, you understand?

That’s when it all changed?

Yes. Listen, now we have this road we make this road here for my for your house and here but later when its changed its happened this sometimes with people that for example to the edging or to the satellites when we put a corner for example, they have more land to the back or you have more so..

I tell you since I told my wife of this
and we have been speaking on like a webcam, Overnight she held this up, a very bad picture, the document is obviously at home. This here was our plot, this was a road and then goes in, this was a children’s playground
This were 3 houses including a bungalow. This was not owned by other people here which we knew. The green area here…
Yes its green area here
Yes that’s right
So you remember all this?
Yes I remember.

Since my wife has now seen this, she is devastated. She hasn’t stop crying. We bought this house so that we would not be overlooked. Our garden, we could enjoy our garden…
why you because of..
because we’ve got balconies here now these are no longer bungalows.
Yes but you understand that I..
And our garden which the reason we went for this is the only window looking into our garden was that window there and now she feels that she won’t be able to enjoy our garden with everyone looking down on us.
I feel if we have to sell this plot now Its knocked 10’s of thousands of pounds off our price Because its so..its not a private garden anymore. We were the corner house along side the road.

It’s a corner house where is the problem? There is balcony’s here they not look into your window. Here the house.

You understand that Conor because that from the first client you came to the property and originally the road was here in it. It was here, now we this design here because the road is stop and we connect this road we transfer the road another plot there. Its look into the plot its not look into the house straight away I mean

I stood there yesterday where the balcony will be here and they can see us all ..
That’s really, really upset us.

Your upset, listen, I have to see what I can do if you don’t like the house, I mean the plot this house now is £180,000 you understand that you buy this house originally off plan design, a very cheap price. If you are not happy or you wife is not happy I have to deal with my father and my advisor what I can do, I don’t have problem, I mean I can sell this house like that.
There is no 4 bedroom house here, a villa for example with this kind of land.

We just want it all back as it was, as it was agreed. That’s not what were after I thought I was just coming to talk about the sink and things and to be honest to be hit with that thing there..
Yes, but we inform you when you, we inform you, when about these things? OK the road is here now. It here the road where is the problem is the house?
You thought that here nobody can build?

But the road is there now!
The road is there yes.
Yea, instead of here now!
Yes but originally Conor..
Instead of here now!
Instead of there, why, No Originally the road was here init this is the corner of the site. You thought that I said to you before you sign I said to you that here I build the houses.
This is the design I use
This is the plan. Is the children’s playground still going to be there?
Here is the playground, here is the green area.
Here is a green area, Here is a green area yes
This piece of land is a green area

And you remember saying that the only windows looking at us would be this window here?
Yes but I say to you before I have the plans that I’m planning to build houses here.

So when did it change to this then?
When did this change?

Listen I don’t know for the moment we have this road here but I explain to you straight away that If later they come to connect the road because this road not stay like this
It Connects….
You have this land to the side also; I will give you this land to the side. OK this here 6 metre from the house.
But its big land.

If we can go to the office, square off that land and fax it to my wife I’ll see if I can cheer her up a little bit because at the moment she wanted to come over or wanted me back at home and its not … from what was our dream house is now turn into she…
Listen, If your wife not happy I will try to do something for you
If we could send her something today it would be really good

We go to the office and we’ll
Take the car

Good to see you yep

This is yours?

When we also discuss this Marios the distance between …The garden seems to come up half way between this house here
So where does the garden end here now? my garden here.

Greek between Marios Karayiannas and his father

OK here is the land its going straight there
OK, From here.

This is the marker yea?

To there IF..IF later on they connect the road
You have from here, straight away here.
Ok there not here.
Now you have 1.50 – 2 meter there
From here later on it’s going straight away there over there
You have six metre, OK you have around 7.5
And then from here it goes across?
Straight away.there yes

Is that distance still the same?
Is that distance still the same?
Where were stood were standing here in the old days?

We go back to the office..