email re: George Pittadjis perjury

To Ms Elena Kleopa
Senior Counsel of the Republic
+357 22889110

Dear Ms Keopa,

I just had a call back from your office. The lady identified herself as “Ms Anna” but refused to give me a
surname. She said she has spoken to the investigating law officer but said I cannot have that name either. She said I must continue to wait for a written reply. (I guess she means a reply to my letter of 28th April 2011)

There is no reason why an officer can not phone and give me the answer to these questions, Today.
Has Mr Pittadjis been arrested?
Has Mr Pittadjis been charged?
Has Mr Pittadjis’ office been searched for further evidence?
What is the case number?
I have an appeal pending which this case affects. Is Mr Pittadjis (a lawyer) above the law? or is perjury not a crime in Cyprus? I have supplied you with conclusive evidence and all I have had in return is a letter to say send in 68 euros to the disciplinary board of advocates

You said on Monday to call Tuesday but ‘Ms Anna’ just phoned to say “not to call again” I would like some
clarification today please.

Your Sincerely
Cornelius O’Dwyer

email: Perjury case George Pittadjis

To Ms Elena Kleopa
Senior Counsel of the Republic
+357 22889110
Dear Ms Kleopa,

In our brief conversation on Monday you told me you were not the Law Officer in charge of the Pittadjis perjury case and that you had assigned this case to another but could not tell me who. You said to phone you the next day and you would inform me who is in charge of this case. I have been calling you since but no answer.

I hope you can let me know today if the Attorney General is taking action in this matter. The Republic is obligated to keep witnesses and victims of a crime updated and informed in criminal proceedings. I reported this serious offence to the police in November 2010. The file was concluded and put before you in December.

I would like to know if Mr Pittadjis was arrested? Was he charged? Was his offices searched for further evidence? What is my case number? When will this matter go before a court?

I have copied the British High Commissioner on this email and I urge Mr Matthew Kidd to intervene in this criminal matter brought before him.

I have enclosed my last correspondence for your convenience.
Yours Sincerely
Cornelius O’Dwyer
Mr Matthew Kidd – British High Commissioner, Nicosia.
Ms Zoe Woodward – Property Officer
Mr Petros Clerides – Attorney General of the Republic
Yiannos G. Georgiades – My Legal Representation in Cyprus
Ms Eliza Savvidou – The Commissioner of administration (Ombudsman)
Mr Neoklis Sylikiotis – Minister of Interior
Viviane Reding – Vice President, Commissioner for Justice
Denis O’Hare – Cyprus Property Action Group

Letter to Attorney General 28-04-2011

Mr Petros Clerides
Attorney General of the Republic
Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus
1403 Nicosia
Τel.: +35722889115, Fax.: +35722665080

28th April 2011

Honourable Sir,

Re: Perjury Case against Mr George Pittadjis

I am writing to request an update on a case brought before your office. Senior Counsel for the Republic Elena Kleopa is in charge of the case, however I understand that Polina Efthivoulou brought the matter to your personal attention in January.

On the 13th October 2010 Mr George Pittadjis gave false testimony at Larnaca District court, case number 1912/09 with Judge Mrs Stalo Tsivitanidou-Kizi presiding. Mr George Pittadjis clearly committed perjury in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. His false testimony influenced the outcome of the case. The outcome of this case was very important for not only my family but the property industry and the Republics reputation abroad. It concerns whether or not a contract in the land registry secures the buyers rights as the beneficial owner. The case is now set for appeal at the Supreme Court which is why it is vital that Mr George Pittadjis be brought before the courts as soon as possible.

I made my statement at the Police Headquarters on the 24th November 2010 to officer Mr. Nicos Kalassides. I understand other parties were interviewed and the file was handed over to your office before Christmas 2010.

I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding this matter.

Yours Sincerely

Cornelius O’Dwyer


Elena Kleopa
Senior Counsel of the Republic
+357 22889110

Polina Efthivoulou
Counsel of the Republic
+357 22889242

My Legal Representation in Cyprus

Yiannos G. Georgiades
2, Ayios Pavlos & Kadmos Street
Wisdom Tower, 3rd Floor
1105 Nicosia, P.O.Box 24144, 1701 Nicosia
Tel: +357 22819292 Fax: +357 22778444

Mr Matthew Kidd – High Commissioner:
Ms Zoe Woodward – Property Officer
British High Commission
Alexander Pallis Street (PO Box 21978)
1587 Nicosia

My false arrest in Cyprus: 18-02-2011

ΗΜΕΡ.: 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2011


ΦΑΞ: 22778444

Προσοχή κα Πολίνα Ευθυβούλου

ΦΑΞ: 22665080

ΑΡ. ΣΕΛΙΔΩΝ: (Συμπεριλαμβανομένης και αυτής) 3

Αγαπητέ συνάδελφε,


Αναφέρομαι στο πιο πάνω θέμα και περαιτέρω τηλεφωνικής μας επικοινωνίας σε ενημερώνω και γραπτώς τα πιο κάτω:

Μετά λύπης μου αναγκάζομε να καταγγείλω ένα περιστατικό που δεν τιμά την χώρα μας, σε σχέση με τον πελάτη μου κον Conrelius O’Dwyer και την συμπεριφορά των αστυνομικών με αρ.963, 2961, 5270 και 273 καθώς επίσης και άλλων αστυνομικών που συμμετείχαν στο πιο πάνω περιστατικό, τα στοιχεία των οποίων δεν έχω τώρα στην κατοχή μου.

Ο πελάτης μου μετά την απόφαση σας να αναστείλετε την ποινική δίωξη εναντίον του στην υπόθεση του Δικαστηρίου Παραλιμνίου με αριθμό 793/2010, έμεινε απόλυτος ικανοποιημένος με την Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία και αποφάσισε να επικεντρώσει τις διαμαρτυρίες του εναντίον της Εταιρείας από την οποία αγόρασε το σπίτι του και αυτών που καταδικάστηκαν για τον ξυλοδαρμό του, δηλαδή τους κ.κ. Μάριο και Χριστόφορο Καραγιαννά.

Χτες διεξάχθηκε ειρηνική διαμαρτυρία έξω από το γραφείο της Εταιρείας Καραγιαννάς, μετά που ενημερώθηκε σχετικά το Αρχηγείο Αστυνομίας και ο Αστυνομικός Διευθυντής της περιοχής και το θέμα καλύφθηκε από τον γνωστό σταθμό ITV. (Επισυνάπτω σχετική επιστολή που έχει σταλεί στο Αρχηγείο). Κατά την διάρκεια της διαμαρτυρίας μια ομάδα αστυνομικών προσήλθε στον χώρο και προσπάθησε να μετακινήσει τον πελάτη μου, χωρίς επιτυχία.

Η συμπεριφορά των αστυνομικών σύμφωνα με τους παρευρισκομένους, δεν ήταν πρέπουσα και όλα είχαν βιντεογραφηθεί από τον εν λόγω σταθμό.

Σημειώστε ότι ο πελάτης μου απλά στεκόταν με την σύζυγο του με ένα πανό που έγγραφε πάνω “Karayiannas are criminals”, τίποτα άλλο δεν έκανε.

Οι αστυνομικοί του είπαν ότι διαπράττει αδίκημα χωρίς να τον ενημερώσουν για ποιο αδίκημα μιλούν. Αυτός τους ανέφερε ότι οι Καραγιαννάδες είναι πράγματι εγκληματίες επειδή καταδικάστηκαν από το Δικαστήριο για τον ξυλοδαρμό του, αλλά οι αστυνομικοί επέμεναν ότι οι Καραγιαννάδες δεν είχαν καταδικαστεί.

Σήμερα όταν πήγε στο Δικαστήριο Παραλιμνίου με την σύζυγο του, για να ανασταλεί η υπόθεση με αρ.793/2010 μαζεύτηκαν αρκετοί αστυνομικοί, οι οποίοι τον απόκλεισαν από το να φύγει από τον χώρο του Δικαστηρίου, δεν τον παρουσίασαν ένταλμα σύλληψης και όταν προσπάθησε να βγει από το κτήριο, ενώ μου μιλούσε στο τηλέφωνο, άρχισαν να του φωνάζουν, να τον σπρώχνουν και τον έβαλαν στο κελί, χωρίς να τον πληροφορήσουν για λόγους που του στέρησαν την ελευθερία του.

Όταν μίλησα με τον αστυνομικό 963 πριν τον οδηγήσαν στο κελί, μου είπε ότι δεν είχαν εκείνη την ώρα ένταλμα σύλληψης, αλλά τον κρατούν μέχρι να εκδώσουν το ένταλμα.

Είναι λυπηρό ένας ξένος που ήρθε στην χώρα μας για να επενδύσει και του οποίου κατακράτησαν τα λεφτά χωρίς να του δώσουν το σπίτι που αγόρασε, τον κτύπησαν δύο φορές να δέχεται τέτοιου είδους αντιμετώπιση από τους αστυνομικούς της περιοχής στο Παραλίμνι.

Σημείωστε ότι όταν έκανε ανάλογη διαμαρτυρία 2 φορές έξω από το Προεδρικό Μέγαρο, η συμπεριφορά των αστυνομικών ήταν άψογη, κάτι που αναγνώρισε ο πελάτης μου και είχε και σχετική δήλωση στα μέσα μαζικής επικοινωνίας.

Με συναδελφικούς χαιρετισμούς,
Γιάννος Γ. Γεωργιάδης
Δικηγόρος & Νομικός Σύμβουλος

1. Αρχηγείο Αστυνομίας, Φαξ 22808598, Λευκωσία
2. Βρεττανική Ύπατη Αρμοστεία, Φαξ 22861125, Λευκωσία

Yiannos Georgiades of Georgiades & Associates
my Lawyer Yiannos Georgiades of Georgiades & Associates

Letter to Chief of Police 08.11.2010: Pittadjis perjury

Mr Michalis Papageorgiou
Chief of Police

cc Mr Brian Olley, Deputy High Commissioner
British High Commission, Nicosia

Dear Mr Papegeorgiou

RE: George F Pittadjis, Advocate

It has been brought to my attention that the above mentioned Advocate Mr George F Pittadjis of the Law Firm of the same name based at AY Georgioy 7, TT 5280, Paralimni, lied under oath in Larnaca Court on 13th October 2010.

As evidence of this I attach the official court transcript of his testimony according to which the above states that he has never represented a certain Michelle McDonald in a legal capacity, in fact he further stated that he was only introduced to her that morning in court.

I also attach a letter dated 30th May 2007 signed by Mr George Pittadjis himself which refers to his representation of the same person Michelle McDonald, which directly contradicts his testimony under oath proving without doubt that he lied and perjured himself in court in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

If you need further evidence of the fact that he did represent Michelle McDonald I am in possession of this or if you would like me to provide you with a written statement then please feel free to contact me on 00 44 — or my Cyprus Mobile 00 357 — as I will be pleased to help in any way possible as I am truly appalled that a man in his position could even consider the possibility that he could act in this manner and expect to get away with it, especially when there is blatant proof of the fact such as I have provided you with.

Yours sincerely

Mr Cornelius O’Dwyer

George Pittadjis court transcript: 13-10-2010


CASE No: 1912/2009







Dated: 13, October 2010.

For the Prosecution: Mr. Yiannos Georgiades with Mr. Savvides
For the Defendants: Mr. Flourentzou with Mr. Vasilakka
Defendants 2, 3, 4 presents

Mr. Georgiades:
I’ll cross-examine Mr. Pittatzis…………………………………………………………..
Mr. Flourentzou:

…………………………………the witness shall be subject to cross-examination
D.W.- George Pittatzis swears and says:

Q. Are you aware whether any document was prepared between Mrs Michelle McDonald and defendants 1 and 2 as regards the sale of a house purchased by the complainant?

A. No, I don’t know

Q. Have you advised the Defendants 1 and 2 in respect of the sale of the house of the complainant to third parties? Did you represent Defendant 2 or Mr Mario Karayiannas in relation to any sale of the immovable property bought by the complainant to the 4th Defendant?

A. As to whether I have provided advices and what kind of legal advices I have provided to my clients, I believe it is forbidden by law to say and it is considered as a disciplinary offence.

Q. Have you represented during 2006 Mrs Michelle McDonald in respect of the purchase of the house of the complainant? Do you know the lady over there? (shows the 4th Defendant).

A. I know her but not so well. When I saw her at the Court, they have introduced her to me. We have never met before and when I saw her in Court I asked her who she was.

Q. And you are not her lawyer?

A. No.

Q. Have you represented at any time during 2006 Mrs Michelle McDonald for the purchase of the house of the complainant?

A. Tell me specifically when in order for me to be able to reply. When during 2006?

Q. You said you are not the 4th Defendants lawyer.

A. I have been informed that the 4th Defendant had contacted my son Photos Pittadjis concerning some matters, but I believe my son made his own office at the beginning of 2006 and I am not sure if during the time period the advocate refers to and does not specify, Photos Pittadjis saw the 4th Defendant. I was informed that the 4th Defendant saw Photos Pittadjis at some point for some matters.

Q. Nothing else.



The case is fixed for closing speeches on 26.11.10, at 10:00am. The Defendants tmust be present under the same conditions.

The Registrar Office to arrange for an interpreter.
(Sign.) . ………………………………………
St. Tsividanidou – Kizi, D.J.

Attorney General: 2nd assault: 23-01-2008

Your ref.: Our ref.: O.9-146/2007
Date: 23 January 2008

The Honourable Attorney General
Attorney General’s Office

By fax and by hand”

Dear Attorney General,

Re: ASSAULT OF CORNELIUS DESMOND O’DWYER – G.E. 93/1984/123 + G.E. 9/52/427

I hereby refer to the above matter and, further to our previous correspondence, our client has once again been assaulted by Messrs. Karayiannas.

The matter has taken on very serious dimensions, and is having a snowball effect due the reactions of various organised groups, both in Cyprus as well as abroad, in such a manner that it is having a negative effect on Cyprus’ good name.

I wish to remind you that the assault of my client is connected to the purchase of a property which he himself made from Messrs. Karayiannas, with the aim of him and his family settling on our island.

Furthermore, charges have been brought before you with regard to the sale of the above property by Messrs. Karayiannas to a third party, in breach of Article 303 (A) of the Penal Code, according to which, when someone negotiates the sale of a property that belongs to another person, this constitutes a crime and it is also punishable by up to 7 years’ imprisonment. According to our file, this case is being dealt with by Mrs Paulina Evthyvoulou from your office.

To his surprise, on 21/1/2008, my client received a telephone call on his mobile from Police Officer Thanasis, from the Paralimni C.I.D., who informed him that there is no pending criminal case against Messrs. Karayiannas with regard to this matter. The aforesaid Police Officer mentioned to my client that he had been instructed to call and notify him by his Superior Officer, Mr Kapnoullas.

I believe that this matter as a whole is very serious and all necessary drastic measures should be taken against all those who have committed crimes in the relation to the purchase of the aforesaid property and the assault on the aforesaid Buyer (my client) so that no false impressions are given abroad, particularly in England, a market upon which we rely both for our tourism as well as for the sale of property.

I think that it is important for us to arrange a meeting together immediately so that I can explain to you the seriousness of the matter in more detail and to what extent there have been reactions abroad. I am willing to provide any assistance so that this matter may be regarded as an isolated incident so that faith will be restored in our island with regard to the proper administration of justice and the fact that it is safe for someone to buy a property in Cyprus.

Yours faithfully,

Yiannos G. Georgiades
Advocate & Legal Consultant


Minister of Trade / Industry & Tourism
Mr Antonis Michaelides

Minister of Internal Affairs
Mr Christos Patsalides

Minister of Justice & Public Order
Mr Sophocles Sophocleous