Thank you for your interest in supporting us.

Michaela and I have been fighting this nightmare for 15 years and we still have some way to go. A true benefit of going public has been the tremendous support from others and we couldn’t have got this far without you.

I’m building Beyond Contempt to not only tell our story but also to help others and hopefully tell their stories too. We will continue to protest and raise awareness of the treatment of foreigners in Cyprus and if this helps you in some way, inspires you to fight back or maybe you would simply like to support us, then here are some ways in which you can help and make a real difference.
How you can help

Social media

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Get involved

There are many ways to support Beyond Contempt with your time and talents. You can join us at protests, attend court with us in Cyprus, translate documents, or writing letters to the authorities. Every single contribution counts and if you feel like joining our cause we will gladly get you onboard. We are always open to suggestions and ideas so if you have know-how in any field, please get in touch and we will study the possibilities together.


The easiest and most obvious way to support Beyond Contempt is, of course, to make a financial donation via PayPal. Our 15-year nightmare has taken its toll, both physically and financially. Any contributions will help maintain the operating costs and allow me to produce better content.

Whether you give time or money, we’re grateful for all the generosity and support.

Many thanks,
Conor O’Dwyer