On the phone to Marios Karayiannas: 22-02-2006

Recorded Meeting

After doing as instructed, in super quick time (I arrived home late Friday night they had our response Monday morning). We waited. I emailed Karayiannas Property Developers for a response but got no reply. I phoned twice the next day and late on Wednesday 22nd, I got through to Marios Karayiannas. This recording was done using my iPod with a microphone attachment. I had only a standard phone so I had to keep putting the microphone up to the earpiece to record him. Because of this, I’ve had to amplify his side of the conversation so the volume levels remain the same. In this conversation, you will hear him start playing games as I’m hundreds of miles away. At first, he says he doesn’t understand the letter and then he says he doesn’t have to go with any suggestions ending up with telling me it’s my problem and eventually hanging up. It then dawns on us what kind of people they are.

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Yea hi Marios its Conor
Conor? Conor O’Dwyer?
Yes Conor O’Dwyer in the UK.
Hello there. Marios what’s happening. Have you made your decision?
The Decision, what er decision?
The decision, you asked me to go away, discuss with my wife, you know what can be done, I went..
You discuss with your wife what you. I see your letter but the letter, the letter Conor.
I can’t understand this letter you write to me about the interest about the, to build another place what is this thing I don’t understand?
You don’t understand the letter at all?
No I don’t understand these things, it’s very, How I can explain to you, I tell you to go back to your and discuss with your wife and to tell me what you want to do.
These thing that you write to me about the give me your money back and to give you interest what ever, listen I give already the letter to my solicitor and we go I go tomorrow there. What do you want to do? What is your decision?

My decision is I set out in the letter quite clearly, If your having trouble reading it maybe you should get Michelle to read it for you and maybe interpret it, but I set out in the letter quite clearly four different options that we considered and only one option which is viable and that’s for you to build us a new house on another plot with our privacy intact. So that was my discussion with my wife and that’s the only way we can be happy so are you going to honour you commitment of making us happy or not?

About this thing that you say to me I understand what you mean but I explain to you the time that you be here that the house inside for your plot is exactly what we acted. You asked a lot of things in how to. I mean you asked a lot of thing in your letter.

That’s right I spent some time over the letter and I was hoping you would give me some response as well. It’s been over a week now and I’ve heard nothing.

When I have the time tomorrow I go to the solicitors to send you exactly what we decide and you can make it if you want. I will send a letter to your solicitor also. I will explain to Mrs Marion what is your opportunity to do.

So what..so what..

So you have in your mind from the beginning that we try to explain to you everything for the house and you we don’t take from the net??? To close the house. If you don’t like the house, you understand that. It’s your life, it’s your decision.

I will give you the money back and you can go to buy from other developers, straight away.

I can’t accept this reason you said to me with your wife that you are not accept to look into your land other people. Everywhere that you have to go you have to think about people that is around you.

We thought very carefully about the people that surrounding us the thing is that you and Michelle lied to us by telling us that there would be bungalows next to us and a road. Now there is not bungalows next to us and a road.

No anybody to tell me what I can do with my plot or in my house you understand these things. It’s like my house lets say that it’s my house the next plot you have to tell me what I have to build.

So why did you tell us that there would be a road and two bungalows and now do you think it’s…

?????…I will speak to my solicitor tomorrow and send you a letter

When can I expect that letter Marios because we are very busy here I have now sold my house were now going into rented accommodation and we do not know what is going on there in Cyprus, so we have to make some very important decisions..

Your wife?

Can you let me finish please?

We have to make some very important decisions this end on exactly the timings of moving over there. So its very important for us to have this finished as soon as possible and waiting for a solicitor that I’ve never met to write to me is not the way I expected to do business with you and maybe people should be warned that this is…..

first of all you have to understand that the people you are dealing with them ok and to respect somebody that try for them that I cant accept the reason that you say to me that I am not I don’t want the other people to look into my garden or that I don’t want anybody around me.

So you don’t understand….

I have with people not surrounding but it was £300,000

No it was £155,000. It was £155,000

You understood exactly when you sold us the house what the good reason for having no people looking into us was and now you don’t understand that it’s very upsetting for us.

The decision is yours

No the decision is yours Marios we’ve put down four decisions and it’s for you to choose one of them options.

I don’t have to choose, I choose my way that I take you to the maximum thing with the court.

So you’re doing nothing to remedy the situation


No you don’t have to do anything there Marios, you’ve made it quite clear but you just let me know here now, don’t play games, don’t play games Marios, tell me right here, tell me right here, right now that your not going to do anything and that your going to sell us the house as it it in the plot it is now. Is that exactly what your going to do?


Is that what you’re going to do Marios with the solicitor are you just going to prepare to build the plot number 30 as it stands

No no no this is not er

We’re going to go to the court if the court says to me why you build your plot this kind of house I will give you your money back and the interest also. If there is anybody to tell you what you can do in your own house I and the people I take my responsibility and to give you your money back and your interest. But there is no anybody who can tell me what I can do in my house. You are in your house stay in your house, stay in your plot stay in your build.


You can, You don’t, You don’t proceed with your dealing. You don’t… just a minute. You cannot you sign one deal with me, I go with the dealing, I go with the contract as we agree.

I tell you what Marios it’s very hard to deal with you when I’m hundreds of miles away so what I’ll do is next Tuesday week, Tuesday week I’ll come back to your office.

Just a minute (I hear Michelle prompting him but not picked up in audio here)

You recognise the agreement that you make with me?

I know exactly what’s on paper and what you said and I want you to acknowledge again that when we bought that plot you lied to us. You lied you told us that we would not…we would have a garden that is not overlooked

??? I build two storey house what is the problem?

The problem is now that is not what we paid for.


Yes exactly.

??? most basically this, this is the things you don’t recognise, you site on the contract and you don’t recognize the dealing that you made with me.

Do you think people should be warned on the way you do business Marios, do you think that people should be told that what you say and what you do is different.

We speak tomorrow; I will call you tomorrow, and will send a letter to you with the solicitor.

Ok well…

Also if you don’t recognise the contract you make with your own solicitor this your problem..I mean I speak with Mrs Marion..

It’s my problem yeah?

It’s my problem?

Yeah, who’s upset?

Yeah is that right yeah.

OK listen, I’ll come over to Cyprus not next week the following week, I’ll let..oop, he’s hung up

He’s hung up.