Dr Katherine Alexander-Theodotou appearing before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

There have been further delays in the case ‘Solicitors Regulation Authority vs Dr Katherine Alexander-Theodotou’ before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Dr Kathy, as she is known to many of her clients, has ‘troubled’ the Tribunal by ‘appearing to be prioritising her fee earning work over her obligations to her regulator’. The Tribunal is frustrated with her ‘lengthy history of non-compliance with Tribunal directions’.

Her reasons for delays have included a snake bite, physical and mental health issues and now staff resignations, all while she continues to conduct complex commercial litigation in the High Court.

Counsel for the Solicitors Regulation Authority submitted that Dr Alexander-Theodotou’s contention that she is unwell was a “circular argument that lacked logic” as she was essentially asserting that she was “too ill and too busy” with other litigation to comply with the Tribunal’s directions.

An application for part of the hearing to be heard in private was granted in part, but copies of the memorandum from the hearings of October and December can be seen here.

Dr Katherine Alexander-Theodotou, principal of Highgate Hill Solicitors and member of the Cyprus Bar Association faces allegations from clients which are all yet to be proven. More recent allegations of dishonesty, described as very serious in nature, are being investigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority but those investigations are in their infancy and may not be part of this Tribunal. The substantive hearing is expected in May, and I hope to supply a remote link. Check my social media for updates.