Police statement for Pittadjis perjury

Witness Statement

  1. I Cornelius Desmond O’Dwyer, holder of British Passport number XXXXXXXXX, of XXXXX XXXX, Surrey, KT23 XXX make this statement in support of my claim against advocate Mr George F Pittadjis for perjury and other crimes. This statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

  2. On or about the 9/3/2006 I was sent a letter from and signed by Mr George Pittadjis of George F. Pittadjis Law Firm AY Georgioy 7, TT 5280, Paralimni in which he states “I am instructed by my clients CHRISTOFOROS KARAYIANNAS & SON LTD”. (Copy attached #1)

  3. On or about 17/5/2007 my then lawyer Ms Helena Andreou of Antonis Andreou & Co sent the occupant of my house Michelle McDonald a letter stating she must vacate our house within 21 days. (Copy attached #2)

  4. In response to this letter Mr George Pittadjis wrote to Ms Helena Andreou stating “I am writing to you in answer to your letter to my client Michelle McDonald”. (Copy attached #3)

  5. I together with my wife Mrs Michaela Margaret O’Dwyer am proceeding with a Private Criminal Prosecution against Christoforos Karayiannas and Son Ltd, Mr Christoforos Karayiannas, Mr Marios Karayiannas and Ms Michelle McDonald for fraudulent dealings in immovable property belonging to another under section 303a of the Penal code. The case is number 1912/09 at Larnaca District court with Judge Mrs Stalo Tsivitanidou-Kizi presiding. (Copy of 303a Penal code attached #4).

  6. On the 13th October 2010 Mr George Pittadjis under subpoena to appear in the above case was administered the oath by Mr Efthimios Florentzou of Neophytou & Flourentzou LLC the lawyer for all defendants. At no point during the administration of oath did Mr Pittadjis refuse or object to taking the oath. On previous court dates Mr George Pittadjis had raised objection to being cross examined in an attempt to avoid incriminating himself in the case. However a ruling by the judge was given and my lawyer Mr Yiannos Georgiades of Georgiades & Mylonas began and finished cross examination on that day 13th October 2010. (Copy court transcript attached #5)

  1. In the above transcript Mr George Pittadjis states he was not involved in the drawing up of the contract between the defendants. He goes on to say he does not know the lady Ms Michelle McDonald who stood a few feet away from him in the dock. He comments that he had asked her “Who are you?” when they met for the court. Had Mr George Pittadjis admitted representing either of the defendants he would have incriminated himself in the offence where any person who, with intent to defraud, deals in immovable property belonging to another is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for seven years. Subsection 2c of the 303a penal code states a person shall be deemed to be dealing in immovable property where [that person] concludes an agreement for the sale to another.

  2. Mr George Pittadjis has clearly committed perjury in an attempt to pervert the course of justice. His false testimony will have a serious negative affect on the case where all defendants have refused, as is their right, to either take the stand or give a statement to the court. By documents attached to this statement I have shown that Mr George Pittadjis represented Christoforos Karayiannas and Son Ltd at the time of their offence and also that his client Ms Michelle McDonald bought my house “in good faith and after she was told that a previous contract had been cancelled”. Had Mr George Pittadjis admitted such on stand my case against the defendants would be stronger and Mr George Pittadjis would have been incriminated in the said offence.

  3. I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true.

Signed Mr Cornelius Desmond O’Dwyer.

Date: 24 November 2010

Letter to Chief of Police 08.11.2010: Pittadjis perjury

Mr Michalis Papageorgiou
Chief of Police

cc Mr Brian Olley, Deputy High Commissioner
British High Commission, Nicosia

Dear Mr Papegeorgiou

RE: George F Pittadjis, Advocate

It has been brought to my attention that the above mentioned Advocate Mr George F Pittadjis of the Law Firm of the same name based at AY Georgioy 7, TT 5280, Paralimni, lied under oath in Larnaca Court on 13th October 2010.

As evidence of this I attach the official court transcript of his testimony according to which the above states that he has never represented a certain Michelle McDonald in a legal capacity, in fact he further stated that he was only introduced to her that morning in court.

I also attach a letter dated 30th May 2007 signed by Mr George Pittadjis himself which refers to his representation of the same person Michelle McDonald, which directly contradicts his testimony under oath proving without doubt that he lied and perjured himself in court in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

If you need further evidence of the fact that he did represent Michelle McDonald I am in possession of this or if you would like me to provide you with a written statement then please feel free to contact me on 00 44 — or my Cyprus Mobile 00 357 — as I will be pleased to help in any way possible as I am truly appalled that a man in his position could even consider the possibility that he could act in this manner and expect to get away with it, especially when there is blatant proof of the fact such as I have provided you with.

Yours sincerely

Mr Cornelius O’Dwyer

Γιώργο Φ. Πιττάτζιη γράμμα: 21-03-2007


Γιώργο Φ. Πιττάτζιη
Τ.Θ. 33066

Αγ. Συνάδελφε,

Θέμα: Αγωγή αρ. 365/06 Ε. Δ. Αμμοχώστου
υπό Christoforos Karayiannas & Son Ltd

Οι πελάτες μας κ.κ. Conor ODwyer και Michaella ODwyer, από την Αγγλία, έχουν πρόσφατα πληροφορηθεί ότι πέραν του ότι η επίδικη κατοικία τους κατέχεται παράνομα από τρίτο πρόσωπο, οι πελάτες σας έχουν παράνομα υπογράψει συμφωνία με αυτό το πρόσωπο για την πώληση της επίδικης κατοικία τους.

Ως εκ τούτου κατ’ εντολή των πελατών μας σας πληροφορούμε ότι μας έχουν δοθεί οδηγίες για διερεύνηση του θέματος και στα πλαίσια εξακρίβωσης των πληροφοριών που έχουν λάβει οι πελάτες μας, είμαστε υποχρεωμένοι να ενημερώσουμε άμεσα την κάτοχο της κατοικίας για την εκκρεμούσα δικαστική διαδικασία και να προβούμε σε όλες τις αναγκαίες ενέργειες.

Διατελούμε κατ’εντολή,

Ελενα Ανδρέου
Αντώνης Ανδρέου & Σία