On the phone To Michelle Anglou: 03-03-2006

Recorded Meeting

Christoforos Karayiannas & Son Ltd sent an email through their lawyers (The Pittadjis law firm of Paralimni) saying they will do nothing. I phoned Michelle Anglou to meet with Marios again the following Tuesday. (If you intend to do business with this company can you afford to fly back as often as I did?)

3rd March 2006 on the phone to Michelle Anglou

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Hi Michelle

Hi Erm, Ok Listen I’ve spoken with Marios because of the situation the way it is if you’re coming over to Cyprus the best thing for you to do is first of all contact your solicitor and discuss with them the situation and how you feel about the house and then if it is your solicitor will contact Marios’ solicitor and we’ll go from there

So Marios is refusing to see me then?

It’s not that he’s refusing to see you it’s just that it’s come to a point Conor where he’s had to contact his solicitor because of the points that you made in your email that you sent, its better at this stage that you speak with your solicitor about the issues that you have about the house. Your solicitor is there to work for you Conor so there going to advise you on what to do depending on how you’re feeling with the house.

Well thanks for your advice Michelle but I have no intention of involving a solicitor this end unlike yourselves who are a big company I can little afford to go down that line of reasoning.I’ll be outside your office Tuesday 9 O’clock and I suggest Marios makes some time to see me, so I’ll see you then.

She hung up.