email re: George Pittadjis perjury


To Ms Elena Kleopa
Senior Counsel of the Republic
+357 22889110

Dear Ms Keopa,

I just had a call back from your office. The lady identified herself as “Ms Anna” but refused to give me a
surname. She said she has spoken to the investigating law officer but said I cannot have that name either. She said I must continue to wait for a written reply. (I guess she means a reply to my letter of 28th April 2011)

There is no reason why an officer can not phone and give me the answer to these questions, Today.
Has Mr Pittadjis been arrested?
Has Mr Pittadjis been charged?
Has Mr Pittadjis’ office been searched for further evidence?
What is the case number?
I have an appeal pending which this case affects. Is Mr Pittadjis (a lawyer) above the law? or is perjury not a crime in Cyprus? I have supplied you with conclusive evidence and all I have had in return is a letter to say send in 68 euros to the disciplinary board of advocates

You said on Monday to call Tuesday but ‘Ms Anna’ just phoned to say “not to call again” I would like some
clarification today please.

Your Sincerely
Cornelius O’Dwyer